About Daily Desk Lunch



You rarely get to choose your workplace location. Sometimes you get lucky and have a grocery store around the corner, some offices even have a cafeteria and some might have one or two decent restaurants with business lunch deals nearby. But no matter what’s on offer, after a while, even the most fancy cafe salad gets boring (not to mention all that money going down the drain).

Packing your lunch the day before can be hassle if you don’t have leftovers. Even if you do, some of those dishes aren’t really at their best after a night in the fridge. And if you don’t – most people do not want to spend hours finding or creating recipes for lunches that get hoovered up at work within 5 minutes.

But you came to the right place – we LOVE this kind of thing.

When it comes to super easy recipes (because who has the time to transform into a lunchtime #marthastewart), why don’t you try some of ours?

We promise, none of them take more than 15 minutes to prepare.


We are a platform for seasonal lunch recipes. We offer one recipe for every working day of the week. All recipes for the upcoming week are online the Thursday before so you have can plan your shopping accordingly.

From time to time you’ll even find some recipes by other chefs, bloggers and foodies.

All our animal products are organic. We try to use organic, seasonal and regional products as much as possible. Occasionally, you’ll find some exotic herbs, spices or the occasional avocado or mango in our recipes – because, let’s be honest: #welove

What dishes will you find on our daily desk lunch blog?

Each dish belongs to one of the following categories:

  •     Dips & schmears
  •     Sandwiches and wraps
  •     Salads
  •     Soups
  •     In a jar

Most of our recipes can be modified to suit vegetarians or vegans.

How complicated are the recipes?

Not in the slightest. Each dish was created to suit an office kitchen environment – this means very few of them will require an actual stove.

For some of them, you might need to do some prep work at home but essentially, you will never need anything more than hot water to make your lunch (and that will hopefully be available in every office).

Not the slightest bit. We created each dish keeping in mind that they might need to be prepared in an office. Very few of them will require actual cooking on a stove. 

All our recipes are measured to serve one (hungry) person!

If you have any further questions, please let us know.